Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wild West Final Prints

My second brief at uni was to design six fashion prints with the theme of the Wild West. We had to use a mixture of Photoshop and also Illustrator for this brief, so it helped having some lessons in photoshop because I had only used it in the past for editing photographs. 
I decided that I wanted to design a collection of prints for womens fashion, mainly targeted at the high street, because in my research I found that a lot of high street shops had already included the wild west and native patterns in their recent collections; such as H&M, Urban Outfitters and also online on ASOS. 
I started my own work by going to Manchester Museum and taking photographs of lizards, snakes and native clothing, I then used these photographs to draw from as part of my primary research. I then looked into fashion designers and shop collections that have used he Wild West as an inspiration, such as D&G, Hermes and Ralph Lauren, to help get inspiration and ideas from. I used the original drawings scanned them into Photoshop and manipulated them and changed them to create the prints. My prints were inspired by the wild west with the skulls, lizards and snakes, and also native patterns, such as dreamcatchers and feathers, and also cowboys with the horseshoe print. 
Here are some of the final prints; 

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