Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Sketchbook Project

I really enjoy creating unusual and intricate skecthbooks (although I usually don't have the time to create them for the briefs) and I was looking into different sketchbook artists and came across the Sketchbook project. The project is run by Art House Co-op, which only started five years ago, and is designed to bring art to the masses. Any artist can sign up, it costs $25 dollars, and then you are sent a specific sketchbook, and you also have to choose a theme form the ones listed or are sent a random theme, and then you can start! Each sketchbook has a barcode, when scanned shows the artists name and details, and will even text the artist when someone is looking through their sketchbook.

Once all the sketchbooks have been collected they then go on a world tour, exhibited in galleries all over the world. In the past they have sent over 28,839 to 94 countries and 10,000 sketchbooks were sent back completed and all were exhibited. All the books over the years are kept at the Brooklyn Art Library where they have a permanent home.
Time is running out and you have to sign up by the end of October, and the tour starts next year, and will be in London sometime in 2012.

I think that it's a great idea and would be a fantastic way to have a piece of work in a big exhibition, although I don't have the time to sign up for the next couple of years it's something that I would like to get involved with in the future! And I would like to go to the exhibition in 2012.

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