Monday, 5 December 2011

Shop Windows

Last week I was given a new brief, we had to choose form three different briefs, all very different from each other and different to any thing that I had done in the past. I decided on the brief Enchanted, this was to design a shop window display for a toy shop near Stockport College, I thought that this brief would be great as it would give me the opportunity to really use my imagination and think like a child and what they would like to see in a window display. We have to work in groups of between two and four, I have gone in a group with two other surface designers and an illustrator, I think that the mixture of the two pathways will be good as they are quite closely linked together so we can bounce of each others ideas.
As part of the brief we have to present our ideas and designs to the shop owner and workers and the design that they like the most will actually be put in the shop windows, I think that this is a great opportunity to have our work in a public place, and also give us some experience to presenting to potential clients for the future. 
I think that to make a good window display we really have to think like a child and what they would like and what caught our eye and imagination when we were growing up.  

As part of my research I went out and took some photographs of shop windows around Manchester, although none of these are toy shops, instead they are mostly of clothes shops I feel they still give a good idea of the imagination and creativity that goes into a good shop window display, and they are a good point to start my work from.