Sunday, 9 October 2011

Katie Heeks

At the Liverpool Design show I saw the work of Katie Heeks a designer and maker who specializes in laser cutting. She starts her work by creating sketches of flowers and plants or anything that she is inspired by, and then translates them onto the computer to create the delicate and intricate plywood silhouettes using a laser cutter, which are covered in beautiful floral and patterned fabrics and materials. The individual pieces are then placed in a box and layered in front of each other to create a 3D picture. Lighting is sometimes added to create interesting shadows, adding to the atmosphere.

My favourite was the fairy gardens because they mixed the fairies and other woodland creates like rabbits and snails. I also loved the mix of materials and fabrics used creating a wonderful mix of colour and pattern and the mixture of different characters, shapes and sizes making each piece individual and exciting.

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