Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Toys and Tales Finished

At the start of December we were given our new brief and it was to design a shop window for a children's toy shop, called Toys and Tales. We each went into groups of two, three or four and had to work together to design and make three shop windows, the brief in total was about four weeks long, so it was a lot of work to fit into a short period of time. 
In our group we had three people from surface design and one person from illustration, we had to work together to create ideas and also make things and mock-up's of what the windows would look like, we then had to pitch the idea to the shops owners and they would pick their favourite to actually be the window display. I think that our ideas were good and imaginative, we decided that one of the windows would be aimed at girls and one at boys, and the third window would be aimed at both boys and girls and would be interactive. 

We decided for the boys window we would have a treasure chest and lots of teddies and bears climbing out as if they come to life at night, like Toy Story or Small Soldiers, then there would be a washing line above this with more bears from and also hanging hot air-balloons, rockets and planes hanging from to create more depth in the window, however this would also let in the light. 
These are some sketches of what it could look like from my sketchbook and some small mock up's of what they would look like: 

For the girls window we decided on a fairy, enchanted garden theme and would be made from layers of cut wood in the shapes of grass, toadstools and flowers. And then stock could be placed in-between the different layers to create a scene and would be an interesting idea to display the stock that they have in the shop. 

For the third window, which would be the interactive one we decided on a giant jigsaw theme, and we would make a giant jigsaw that we would stick onto the window with suction cups and then the children could play with the giant jigsaw while they were inside the shop. 

Finally to link all the windows together we decided that we would create vinyl stickers for the windows of toys that are in the shop and the children could match up the sticker to the actual toy in the window. We thought that this would be a fun and interesting idea and would be imaginative and different. 

Overall I really enjoyed the brief, although it did feel a short, I think that we worked really well together as a team and came up with some good ideas and produced some interesting and fun ideas that we think children would enjoy and like to do. I think that this brief has prepared us for the real working life and how we would have to work as a group and team in a company, it also highlighted how important combination was. 

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