Friday, 13 January 2012

Geninne's Art Blog

Today I bought a set of water colour blocks because although I have used water-colour for work in the past, it is a technique that I want to get better at, and want to use for my next project. So for some inspiration I was looking at other artists who use watercolours in their work, and I came across an art blog called Geninne's Art Blog and fell in love with it immediately. I think that her work is beautiful full of colour, shape, and pattern, her work mostly uses watercolours and sometimes ink. I think that her work appeals to me because like me it looks like she is obsessed with birds, who seem to pop up on nearly all of her works, but each one is a different colour, shape and has different feathers giving each one it's own personality and uniqueness.
Her work has really inspired me to become better at using watercolours, hopefully I will upload some of my watercolour work soon.
Here are a few pictures of her amazing work:

Here is a link to her blog: 

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