Sunday, 22 January 2012

Artist's block

Over the past couple of weeks I have found it really difficult to get into the new brief and just don't know what to do, I have chosen to base my work around Mexico and Folk Art, however I am finding it really difficult to get into, it's either lack of inspiration and lack of research as I am finding it really difficult to find research and books about Mexican art and culture. I've been to the college library a few times and been unsuccessful in finding any books that link to what I am looking for. I have also been looking on the internet, but I think that I am one of those people that would rather look through a real book to get inspiration from than looking at a flat computer screen. 
I think another reason why I'm finding it difficult is because for this brief we have to choose the topic and what to do, instead of it all being included in the brief. 
I think I either need to find some inspiration quick, or I need to completely change my ideas and choice of topic, I hope I'm not stuck in this block for long!

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