Monday, 9 January 2012

The Exquisite Book

For Christmas I got a book by the artist's Julia Rothman, Matt Lamothe, and Jenny Volvovski called the Exquisite Book, when I asked for it I thought that it would just be work by the artist Julia Rothman however when I opened it, it was a pullout book with work from one hundred various different artists and illustrators. They all were given one of ten different themes, such as ''In the forest", "In the Ocean" or "In the City". And then they had to draw an illustration or picture of what that theme meant to them, they would then send this piece to the next artist and they would draw the next section of the picture with the same theme. They either had the option to look at the previous piece of work or they could just follow on the line from the previous piece. Each artist worked very differently for example some would look at the previous work and then follow it with the same colours, shapes or themes, however others made up their own versions. 

Although this book isn't what I expected I really love it, it has opened my eyes to lots of new artists and illustrators, and has shown to me how differently each artist works and how they can collaborate together in different ways. 

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