Friday, 23 November 2012

The Invisible Dog/ Andre Da Loba

On our first full day in New York we got the subway to Brooklyn to visit the Invisible Dog Art Centre.   We were welcomed by Andre Da Loba, (one of the artist's who has a studio space there.)
We started by looking around the current exhibition, by the duo Steven and William. The Art Centre was an old factory/mill that use to make jewellery, and belt buckles, so when the Art Centre was made a lot of objects were left there, so many of the works were made by recycling this unused and found items. 

There were also some wonderful repeat patterns and drawings another room, (I think that they were by the same people, although they seem completely different from their other works). But as I am a surface designer they really caught my eye, because of the repeating patterns, the simple colours in the background, and that there were multiples of the same thing (my favourite). 

Andre Da Loba 

Once we had looked around the exhibition of Steven and William, we then went upstairs, in a huge old lift, which said 'Danger' all over it (not very reassuring), and went to see some of the artists studio's. A real privilege as I think that many artist's and designers are private and secretive when it comes to their studio spaces.
Andre's studio was amazing and inspiring filled with his work, objects and artefacts that he has collected over the years. What I found interesting was he about of colour and variety in his works, from 3D and sculpture to drawings and prints. I really made me think about my own studio space and how I should make full use of the amount of space I have while I am still at Stockport.
It has also made me think about the importance of a studio space and how it is a place where an artist can escape from their houses and bedrooms too, and it should be a place of randomness and artistic mess and chaos.

The works that I really liked was the prints/paintings of the houses and buildings, I thought that they were beautiful each once a different colour, shape and size. 

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