Friday, 23 November 2012

Stephen Byram

Also on the first full day of New York we went to the house of Stephen Byram in Jersey. He was so welcoming and friendly letting us into his house, and to see some of his older works and some of his most recent works.
He has a variety of different styles and techniques, collage, line drawing and some abstract works, what I really found interesting was that a lot of his work has been used on CD covers, I thought that this would be an amazing feeling for an artist to see their work on a CD. He had placed some of his CD covers, posters and other works around his house for us to pick up and look at/through and didn't mind us taking photo's of his house and work. He said that in some ways he has moved on from the CD covers because they don't have the same feel to them any more because of the internet, downloading and iTunes, as the picture is so small and tiny on an iPod people don't care anymore or take the time to look and appreciate the work and attention that goes into music/album artwork.

His studio in the basement

In some of his more recent works he has moved onto 3D sculptures made from found objects and recycling materials and objects (mainly wood) to create something new and exciting. He seemed really excited and proud talking about his new works as they are so different and refreshing from his work for CD's. He calls himself a graphic designer, however he seems to have so many layers to his works, in some works he is definitely a graphic designer looking at typography, shape and layout, in some ways his works look like an illustrator and painter and then in others you can see the sculpture 3D elements in his creations, all really interesting and appealing.

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