Friday, 23 November 2012

Lotta Jansdotter

One of the Surface Design group had arranged a visit to see Lotta Jansdotter's Studio and Shop in Brooklyn. Unfortunately Lotta couldn't be there as she was away with business however the shop manager was there to talk to us, answer any questions and talk us around the studio and shop.

The shop space was clean, fresh and had an exciting atmosphere, it was painted white so that all the colours and patterns of the products stand out from the bright white backgrounds. 

I really loved the simple and fresh patterns of her work, the patterns were bold, but also mixed nature and organic shapes with the bold shapes. I think my favourite pieces of work were the blue/teal collection (above). I really loved the colours, the mixture of blues and the clean white, with a mixture of bold shapes and organic shapes. 
I was really inspired by the way the work was presented in the shop, as I want to make things and put my designs onto products in the final year I got lots of inspiration and ideas from, as sometimes I think that it is difficult to place and arrange difficult objects like these, as sometimes it can become too over crowded and cluttered, making it look messy and unprofessional. However I really liked the mixture of objects on tables and then things on shelves above.  
The studio manager told us that because she creates things now on such a large scale that she no longer does all the printing herself instead it is done offsite, however if she is sampling or coming up with ideas then she will screen print herself. 

I found the studio to be really inspirational too, there was no real separation between the shop and studio, I thought that this was really interesting and something I have never really seen before, to this scale. I found it really sweet how her aprons, stamps and screens had been left out as if she had been working there only a few hours ago. 


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