Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Year, New Project

As I move into my third year of University I was given a choice of five briefs I found it difficult to choose one, at fist I was draw to one about the relationship between man and animals, but then for a little inspiration I started to look though a sketch book I had filled with photographs and sketches from the University trip to Poland and was immediately drawn to the old, tall and unusual buildings. So decided on the Le Flâneur brief, as I thought that this would be best for my ideas.
Le Flâneur is a French word, which literally means the stroller, the dawdler. 

For my work I want to concentrate on older interesting buildings often found in Europe, such as Poland, France and Italy, for research unfortunately I cannot visit these places, but have photo's from Poland and can gather more from the internet and books. I love European townhouses, each one painted different colours, each one with different styles of windows and doors and each one unique and  different form each other. 

  • Instead of doing detailed, intricate drawings I want to do simple line drawings, using a fine liner, fountain pen and continuous line drawings. 
  • Last year I became interested in watercolours and want to translate this into this brief. 
  • Drawing one area of the building, such as a window and draw different shapes, styles and sizes repetitively. 
  • Look for interesting smaller parts of building such as different types bricks, letter box, door bells or door numbers. 

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