Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Artist Research and Inspiration

To start the brief I wanted to do some artist research to get ideas and inspiration from. Although some of these artist don't look at the same subjects/themes that I want to look at I still admire the style of drawing, and want to translate these styles into my own work.

Julia Rothman

Love the use of line and also the story the images tell. 

Matte Stephens

A beautiful use of colour, each building has it's own personality and charm. 

Kathryn Edwards 

Interesting use of line, colour and also text. 

Sara Midda 

Use of water colours, her images show her travelling and a story. Also how she draws the same subject/theme but in different styles. 

The Drawing Machine

I came across this group of artists by accident and loved the mixture of 3D and drawing, and would really like to incorporate 3D into my own work as this is something that I've never looked into before and thought that it would fit into this brief well.

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