Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Contact with Industry

I emailed Howkapow to get feedback on my work and found them really pleasant and approachable and definitely someone who I would contact in the future for some feedback on my work. I came across the work of Howkapow when we got had a brief to create some designs for them and their website. When looking at their collections online I thought that they were fun and creative and gave me lots of insertion, because a lot of their collections include folk art and tales, which is something that I have been really inspired for in my latest personal passions brief. 
In my email I sent a photograph of some drawings and other work: 

+ "Your skeletons have lots of character but are more cartoonish and so therefore probably best suited to greetings cards where you can really express lots of character"

+ "Your flower pattern is a lot more commercial. I like the application on the different paper stock but I would recommend you trying them on different textiles and surfaces to see how they work. I.e. cotton from a tea towel, ceramics, wood trays."

+ "Play around with colour and fill in your flower pattern also - see how the bottom two work as repeating and / or tesselating patterns and see whether once again you can apply these to a range of different products and materials."

I thought it was great that she thought that my work would look good on greetings cards as this is something that I have been really passionate about and decided that I want to take it further into next year. 

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