Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Stockport Air Raid Shelter

Yesterday we went as a group to the Stockport Air Raid Shelter, even though I have walked by there loads of times I never knew that it was there. We were given a tour around the shelter and were told about what times were like at that period for the people in Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester who would have travelled to the shelter during WWII. 
The shelters were dug out from the side of a hill made of red sandstone, the Shelters are an underground network that go on for over a mile. And were a safe place for the public to go during bombings and attacks on the country. Over the years during the war the shelter had to expand due to more and more people going to the shelters, during the end of the war it could hold up to 6,500 people and looking after those people would be three wardens and a team of nurses looking after the sick and injured. 
You would never think that underneath all the shops and houses that there is a network of tunnels passageways, that were used over sixty six years ago. 

The Wardens Room 

A Babies Gasmask 

The Nurses Room

One Kitchen for everyone in the Shelter 

An example of a Bomb shelter that people with gardens would make

I really enjoyed the tour and learnt a lot from it, and will help with my knew brief, about sustainability. It was amazing to see how difficult it was for people during the War, and how different our lifestyles our now. 

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