Friday, 25 November 2011

Dialogue Ignites Change Brief

I was given my brief a few weeks ago called Dialogue Ignites Change, the main idea of the brief was to talk to people and have what they say and their stories have a lasting impression on you. As a group we had to come up with an idea, we choose the idea around sustainability, WW2 and recycling. We had to make something to do with crafts and making something, I decided to use only recycled fabrics, and not buy anything because during the war rations made it difficult to buy new clothes and fabrics because they were in shortage and expensive.
I decided to make cushions and tea towels in a patchwork style, made from recycled materials and fabrics, the only thing I bought was the new tea towels from a charity shop.
Here are some photo's of the final cushions and tea towels and my sketchbook:

Pages from my sketchbook

Patchwork samples

Charity shop tea towels with patchwork and free hand machine embroidery, with the war time saying, "Make do and Mend"

Square patchwork cushion, made from recycled and found materials and old buttons

Square patchwork cushion, made from old curtains, and a pillowcase

Square patchwork cushion, made from an old pillowcase and old curtains


My mood board of ideas and inspiration

Overall I really enjoyed this brief, I liked the idea of using recycled materials and fabrics, I think that if I had more time I would have done some more free hand machine embroidery as I think that this is a great technique and something that I will use later on in my work.  

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