Thursday, 3 November 2011

Staircase House

After we had been to the air raid shelter, we then went to the Staircase house in Stockport, again it was a place that I have never been before and didn't know that there was a place like this in Stockport.
Staircase House was first build around 1460, but was painstakingly restored in 1995 after a fire. The builders would use traditional tools, materials and techniques to restore the building to it's former glory. the house is now open to the public, so they can take a step back in time and see rooms from different eras of time, including; medieval, edwardian and a 1940's bedroom, each room has furniture,style and a colour scheme which you would find during each different time period.

We went there especially to see the 1940's style bedroom, and them we went to the basement to see a living room and kitchen in a similar style. There was also information about rationing, the clothing, and materials that were available at that time.
Here are some photo's;

I thought that it was a great place to go and I was surprised at the range and selection of different things there, because from the outside it looks so small and tiny, but when you go inside it's a maze of different floors, rooms and themes. 

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