Monday, 22 August 2011

Julie Mehretu (Research)

Julie Mehretu creates large scale paintings that are built up using a selection of different materials such as acrylic paints, pen, pencil, and inks. With these materials she creates dynamic and interesting lines, shapes and textures on the canvas. Mehretu was born in Ethiopia but as a child and adult has moved frequently including, Michigan, Rhode Island but now lives in New York. Travelling has had an impact on her life and features in her works, she is inspired by architecture, maps, signs and symbols.
The paintings are layered using a mixture of strong and dynamic lines, that create a sense of time and space, with a mixture of bold geometric brightly coloured shapes, that create explosions of colour and lines.

Renegade Delirium, 2002.

Here are links to clips of her studio and about her works.

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