Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ernesto Caivano (Research)

Ernesto Caivano is a Spanish born artist who specializes in beautiful detailed ink drawings, this works are often include people, birds, and plants, giving the works and fantasy and mythical mood, exploring the relationship and boundaries between man and nature. The works are often in black ink on white paper, however in 2009 he had stated to experiment with colour inks and pigments, and even collage in some of his works.
There is a balance in his work of skilful detail and empty space this creates a harmonious balance and flow in each picture. The mixture of different lines, textures, shapes and thickness makes the work intricate and beautiful.

Breathing Through The Code, 2009

This is one of my favourite pieces because of the beautiful and skilful detail, the way that he has mixed different types of line and pattern, this can be seen in the birds feathers. I also like how you can see the relationship, the the woman and the birds seem almost protective and caring over each other.  

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