Thursday, 25 August 2011

Daniel Zeller (Research)

Daniel Zeller is known for his intricate and delicate drawings mostly using ink pens. The beautiful and meticulous drawings look like something you would find looking into a scientists microscope than in a drawing. The ink patterns have a biological and scientific feeling, creating a look of human arteries and veins and organisms. In the works he has created a beautiful balance of different shapes, lines and textures he has also created a interesting mixture of different colours, which mostly include green, yellow, blue and red.
Zeller's father was a scientist, so from a young age he would regularly visit his father at work and was amazed by the scale of machinery, this has inspired a lot of his works today.

Zeller originally started in sculpture, and has translated into his drawing work as he is still very interested in textures and making something 2D appear 3D.

Speculative Symbiosis, 2009, Ink and Acrylic on Paper.  

He mostly uses ink pens called rapidograph pens, and he can fill these with any colour ink or mix any colour, he likes these pens because they can create a consistent fine line. He also uses a smooth surface paper so the ink doesn't bleed and to achieve a crisp, fluid, clean line.

Interalized Connectivity, 2007, Ink and Acrylic on Paper.

Please find a video of Daniel Zeller talking about his work and techniques.

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