Friday, 21 December 2012

Portfolio Visit 2

I then got in touch with Karen Wilson, from Paper Salad, who I was recommend to me by Phil my Guru, as I told him a was interested in stationary and cards.
She said the following;

Hi Katie,

Yes,  you could send us a pdf, you could come in to see us but you would have to leave it until after the trade shows, maybe the beginning of March.  We are extremely hectic at the moment and I know it sounds stupid but every minute of the day is spoken for before then!

Kind regards


I sent her my PDF version of my portfolio but unfortunately it was too late to hear her response.
I will definitely arrange a portfolio visit with her in the new year because paper salad seems like a fantastic and interesting company, and it really appeals to me.  And I think that I will have worked on my portfolio more by then so it will be a much better experience. 

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