Friday, 21 December 2012

Portfolio Visit 1

Over the past two weeks I have emailed numerous artists and designers to take a look at my portfolio, as alot of the people I emailed have stalls and markets around christmas so they were too bust to see me.
I had two replies one from &made in the Craft Centre in Manchester who I emailed a PDF version of my portfolio to get some feedback and advice on.
Here is what she said;

Hi Katie,
I've had a look at the images you've sent but I feel that I would be doing you, and your work a disservice to make any comment without us talking through it together or without additional information to help me to understand the brief you were working to, the customer profile or the intended use; final end product that your designs are for.
Don’t be too disappointed in my response, I’m sure your tutor will understand my point of view – maybe we could try again after Christmas – if that isn’t far too late.
Have a lovely holiday Katie -

I also got in touch with Helen Smith, Jessica Owen, Andrea Lord. I arranged to see Jessica Own some time in the new year. 

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