Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mando Manderin

A few weeks ago we hand an artist talk from Mandy Trolley, who is an amazing textile artist, under the name of Mando Manderin. She creates embroidered cushions, baby comforters, bags, handkerchiefs, and personalised baby gifts, all made by hand.
In a lot of her works she uses an embroidery sewing machine to create the wonderful characters and animals in her works, such as; cats, dogs, bears, birds and deers. I really loved the technique because it looked really detailed, intricate and neat, each stitch and thread colour is chosen on a computer program, (similar to photoshop) and then the machine automatically sews the design. Another thing that I really liked about her work is that you can personalise gifts such as the baby comforters, I think that this is a really good idea to sell your products is the ability to be able to personalise different things because people really like personalised gifts and presents.
Here is some of her works;

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