Monday, 13 February 2012

Robert Ryan

When I was looking at the traditional Mexican paper cut's it reminded me of the work of Robert Ryan, because he uses a similar technique of cutting intricate designs and shapes made from paper. I really love his work and how they tell a story and have a sense of fantasy and creativity. As well as paper cut out's he also creates screen prints that are used on cushions, bags and stationary, I really love these and think that his work and designs really look good and suit being on stationary. All of his work is cut by hand which is so time consuming, but means that his work is more personal and has a raw handmade feeling instead of it being perfect by a laser cutter.

 I really love these youtube videos of him explaining his work and the ideas and thoughts that go behind them, I also think that it is interesting to see where he works and where he gets his inspiration from.

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