Monday, 13 February 2012

London 2012, Surface Design Show

Last week we had the opportunity to go to London to the Surface Design Show, it was first launched in 2004 and is a way for Architects and Interior Designers to find new and interesting ways of using materials in modern times. It is a way for companies and designers to show a selection of their work to potential clients, and show interesting and exciting ways that technology is changing interiors and surface design. 
I thought that it was a interesting show to see new technologies and materials, and how the materials we are using are having an impact on the environment and how they are creating new materials to help the environment and recycling.  

I think the most interesting stand there and the one that caught my eye was Kristel Erga Magnetic Wallpaper. Which is a new and interesting way to use wallpaper and it is an imaginative way to re-use and recycle different materials. 

I also really liked these mood boards, these were as you first went into the show, I thought that they were very interesting because you could touch the materials and fabrics and see a selection of different techniques and different types of surfaces. I think that I would have enjoyed the show more if it was more like the mood boards, as I found these more interesting and inspirational.  

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