Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Book of Skulls

As I have found it really difficult to research Mexican art and find relevant books on Mexico I decided to get some books myself and as it is a subject that I really like and will be something that I will always go back to in some way in the future I thought that they would be helpful and relevant books to have in my collection. 
The first book I got was the Book of Skulls, Faye Dowling, an it is exactly what the title suggests. It is filled with different types of skulls, form illustrations to sculptures and tattoos to jewellery, and has introduced me to some new artists and illustrators that have been very useful for my current project. 
The skull is one of the most iconic and used symbols today, once scary and used in horror films made it's way into modern culture on rebel rock t-shrits and threatening tattoos but is now a reoccurring print in nearly every high street shop, and also on the catwalks of many designers, probably most famous are Alexander McQueen's silk scarves. 

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